Perfect digital marketing reports… In seconds.

“Use Trackpal if you want to cut down on time-intensive reporting, provide professional search reports each month and benefit from flexible reporting formats.”

– Phil Ohren
Head of Owned Media, Mindshare Australia



your clients with professional reports



new business with
key insights



wasted hours with simple automation

How much time does your team waste on reporting each month?

Trackpal can help automate this entire process so you spend time doing great work for your clients instead!
Find out how much you could save each month:
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Frustrated with copying and pasting data?

Get reports straight to your inbox or run them at the click of a button.


Tired of inconsistent reports and want standardisation?

Professional report templates based on years of experience.


Want to be easily able to adapt and share reports?

Reports delivered in Excel are totally customisable.


Don’t want to log in to
yet another dashboard?

Data from any source collected, stored and emailed to you, fast.

“I’ve been using Trackpal over the last four years at both Switched on Media and Match Media for standard weekly and monthly reporting, but also for data mining and analysis. Being able to pull Google data directly into Excel and own the data with full data exports make this the only reporting tool I would recommend.

It’s been great to see our industry’s typical processes being built into the tool, when most other tools try to work around them. And the fully customisable templates mean we can offer custom automated reports tailored to our clients’ needs.”

Alex Asigno, Search Director, MATCH Media

“For me Trackpal represents the culmination of years of fine tuning reporting for clients. It is a quick and flexible solution for the curation and customisation of data from multiple sources. It’s great to finally have a tool that is based on Excel, but with great templates out of the box that answer problems rather than creating new ones.

Reporting has had to evolve just as the rest of the digital marketplace has. With Trackpal, there is now an easy way to create customised dashboards, which allows our time to be spent on insights as well as shining a light on the detail we need.”

Tim Aldiss, Consultant/Director, ThinkSearch

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