About Us

Having worked in digital agencies and experienced first hand the time, and pain, that goes into putting together weekly and monthly performance reports, we believed there had to be a another way. So we came up with a better way of doing things.

Trackpal is a fast-growing company with a fantastic team of knowledgeable and enthusiastic data experts. We have first-hand experience in the digital marketing sector and we really understand the power of data.

We provide automated reporting and data collection that reduces the time it takes to do your reports from hours to minutes. Trackpal can collect and display data from multiple sources, be it search engines, web analytics packages, or social media sites. We can even combine it with any of your own existing in-house data.

We’ve helped marketing teams reduce the time they spend on reporting from hours to minutes, which not only makes this process more profitable but also lets them focus their energy on strategy and analysis. Trackpal will display your data very clearly in a simple format so that your results are easy to view and understand.

You can choose the exact data you want from each source, which means you get only the data you want, and nothing you don’t need. Digital marketers then have more time to spend on delivering work and better insights to clients to help strategic decision making.

In addition, our reports can be fully white-labelled so that they can be in your own brand style. We can work with you to design your perfect report template, or you can use one of our pre-designed reports with your own colours and logo.

As well as our reporting solutions we offer a powerful, advanced data collection service called Datamorpher, which gathers your data in one place and one format so that you can slice, dice and display it however you like. It’s automatic, accurate and fast.