Visualising Data #2 – Three Unique Visualisations

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Welcome to round two of visualising data. In round one we looked at how creativity improves a visualisation. In this installment, I’ve picked three visualisations that show good stories and also have something a little unique about them. Adding facts and context For me, what makes this unique is the context provided with the data – in this instance, demonstrating just how loud their grunts …

Google Search Console (or the tool formerly known as GWT)

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Finally, after many promises and hints, Google have released an update to their Google Search Console API to give access to the Search Analytics feature they introduced earlier this year. The question on many people’s minds is what does this mean? So how did we get to where we are? Google Webmaster Tools (GWT) was a tool to help webmasters ensure their websites …

10 Practical Tips To Boost Your Efficiency

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Did you that know Steve Jobs, Mark Zuckerberg, and Barack Obama all wear the same outfit every day? “Colour-blind?” I hear you ask. Nope – they choose to, in order to preserve their mental energy for decisions that are more important than whether that tie makes them look fat. Ok, so this is pretty extreme, but it does show how …

Report tabs under spotlights

Your Monthly Digital Marketing Reporting Solution

Tom Nice Reporting, Trackpal Products & Updates

The time has arrived where all of your digital marketing reporting needs can be taken care of with one mighty and dynamic report. It boasts numerous new insightful features, gives you greater choice in what you want to report on, and of course looks beautiful. The Excel-formatted report is fully automated so you don’t have to worry about data collection …

Squirrel with a Trackpal PPC report

Automated PPC Reports For Weekly Adwords Insights

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We are thrilled to showcase our new weekly Adwords PPC report. The report is packed with insights, looks beautiful and can be branded and white-labeled. It’s fully automated, so you can now receive Adwords data straight to your inbox weekly – all wrapped up in the familiar and powerful Excel format. The report contains a Summary page with charts and …

measurefest trophies

The Measurefest 2014 Tool Awards

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Welcome to the 2014 Measurefest Tool awards! A top ten styled award ceremony for the bits of technological kit talked about by the speakers of Measurefest, not these kinds of tools or even these ones, as you may have thought on first glance. Okay then, without further ado… Best Name: Followerwonk Recommended by @bethgranter A free Moz-made app which doesn’t …

A win-win relationship

​“Win-win” business relationships: how to create them and why they’re so important

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Being a bootstrapped business owner in the 21st century I’ve learnt first hand a way of doing business that results in “win-win” situations, where both parties entering into a business relationship get the best possible outcome from it. I first heard the term “win-win” before I started my own business. I remember being confused as to why people would want …