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Your Monthly Digital Marketing Reporting Solution

Tom Nice Reporting, Trackpal Products & Updates

The time has arrived where all of your digital marketing reporting needs can be taken care of with one mighty and dynamic report. It boasts numerous new insightful features, gives you greater choice in what you want to report on, and of course looks beautiful. The Excel-formatted report is fully automated so you don’t have to worry about data collection …

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Automated PPC Reports For Weekly Adwords Insights

Chris Marsh Reporting, Trackpal Products & Updates 1 Comment

We are thrilled to showcase our new weekly Adwords PPC report. The report is packed with insights, looks beautiful and can be branded and white-labeled. It’s fully automated, so you can now receive Adwords data straight to your inbox weekly – all wrapped up in the familiar and powerful Excel format. The report contains a Summary page with charts and …

Google Webmaster Tools Missing Data? Get Your GWT Data Back!

Chris Marsh Industry News, Reporting 0 Comments

Why would an account switch from showing three months historical data one day, and then display almost zero data?  Where was our missing Google Webmaster Tools (GWT) Query Click data? We delved in to investigate… We have been working with the GWT data source very closely since Google ramped up their secured search in 2013. Having gathered data monthly from many accounts …

SEO Reporting News: Google Webmaster Tools Launches Exact Data – A Quick Look At Its Accuracy

Chris Marsh Industry News, Reporting 1 Comment

In this post I will be looking at some interesting news that affects SEO reporting: New Google Webmaster Tools (GWT) non-rounded data A quick look at using GWT data to find the brand vs non-brand keyword visit ratio and how to calculate accuracy 1. New Google Webmaster Tools (GWT) Non Rounded Data This year has kicked off with some great …