Visualising Data #2 – Three Unique Visualisations

Chris Marsh Industry News

Welcome to round two of visualising data. In round one we looked at how creativity improves a visualisation. In this installment, I’ve picked three visualisations that show good stories and also have something a little unique about them. Adding facts and context For me, what makes this unique is the context provided with the data – in this instance, demonstrating just how loud their grunts …

Google Search Console (or the tool formerly known as GWT)

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Finally, after many promises and hints, Google have released an update to their Google Search Console API to give access to the Search Analytics feature they introduced earlier this year. The question on many people’s minds is what does this mean? So how did we get to where we are? Google Webmaster Tools (GWT) was a tool to help webmasters ensure their websites …

measurefest trophies

The Measurefest 2014 Tool Awards

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Welcome to the 2014 Measurefest Tool awards! A top ten styled award ceremony for the bits of technological kit talked about by the speakers of Measurefest, not these kinds of tools or even these ones, as you may have thought on first glance. Okay then, without further ado… Best Name: Followerwonk Recommended by @bethgranter A free Moz-made app which doesn’t …

Useless rubber

The Right To Be Forgotten?

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The EU seems to be a bit hit and miss when it comes to internet legislation. The EU’s cookie directive has left website owners confused as to what they’re supposed to do. In the area of privacy, net neutrality and anti-trust they seem to be somewhat ahead of the US, even though legislation is often confusing and does not solve …

That's your solution to everything: to move under the sea!

Introducing Trackpal Quantum, Our Drone Strategy, And More!

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Here at Trackpal, we like to keep our customers informed of the latest developments in data processing & reporting. After a (soon to be announced) partnership with one of the largest quantum supercomputer providers, we’ve not only invested in the future, but also the future of the future. Utilising the power of qubits, we’re able to collect every bit of …

Google Webmaster Tools Missing Data? Get Your GWT Data Back!

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Why would an account switch from showing three months historical data one day, and then display almost zero data?  Where was our missing Google Webmaster Tools (GWT) Query Click data? We delved in to investigate… We have been working with the GWT data source very closely since Google ramped up their secured search in 2013. Having gathered data monthly from many accounts …

SEO Reporting News: Google Webmaster Tools Launches Exact Data – A Quick Look At Its Accuracy

Chris Marsh Industry News, Reporting 1 Comment

In this post I will be looking at some interesting news that affects SEO reporting: New Google Webmaster Tools (GWT) non-rounded data A quick look at using GWT data to find the brand vs non-brand keyword visit ratio and how to calculate accuracy 1. New Google Webmaster Tools (GWT) Non Rounded Data This year has kicked off with some great …

Christmas Advert Campaigns

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Christmas Advert Campaigns: the big retailers did OK, but Westjet airlines won the day “Christmas time, mistletoe and wine, Which means it must be advert time (again)” We’d all be forgiven for feeling a little weary about the annual Christmas advertising campaigns from brands eager for us to hand them our money in exchange for giving us a minute or …

Is Facebook getting old?

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Is Facebook getting old? It’s a question that we’ve been asking ourselves recently. At 13 years old, and with over one billion users, will our love affair with Facebook ever end? Perhaps it will last as long as we do, only to be replaced with the next ‘in’ thing for future generations? On a personal level, Facebook seems to have become an …