grumpy cat and ninja turtles as wonders of excel

Excel Work That Will Blow Your Mind

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When people generally think of Excel they don’t envisage a motion simulator of our solar system’s planets or being able to play a quick game of Pong! Chances are that what comes to mind is a spreadsheet containing row after row of lifeless data. Excel can in fact create the extraordinary, going way beyond the power of a VLOOKUP or a pivot table. In this post we will exhibit some of the coolest and most innovative things created in Excel.

Play the oldskool classic Snake – in Excel!

First off, accompanied by a wave of nostalgia, we have Snake! Arguably the greatest game to grace our mobile phones, Microsoft MVP Felipe Gualberto used his VBA skills to allow us to revisit this classic.

Snake in Excel GIF


Generating a word cloud in Excel

Next is a word cloud generator that helps you gain insights from qualitative data without even having to leave your Excel workbook. The application was made by Robert Mundigl who showcases many interesting and wide-ranging examples of what’s possible with Excel and VBA on his website. His default subjects of analysis are Bruce Springsteen albums, doing word clouds like ‘The Boss’!

Word cloud in Excel


Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles infiltrate your spreadsheets

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles! A simply made animation using VBA to cycle through tabs with the same cartoon, but with the cells making up the bandanas and eyes changing on each tab. A very clever method that gives the impression of movement. Reddit user hoguemr created this gem.

Teenage mutant ninja turtles in Excel GIF


Breathtaking data visualisation in Excel

This item has to be one of the most impressive simulations to grace an Excel worksheet. ‘Breathing City’ shows a time lapse data visualisation of Manhattan’s work and home population by the hour over one day. Joey at Dark Horse Analytics takes us through the trials and tribulations of the whole development process but ultimately leaves us with a breathtaking GIF of his Excel piece.  

Breathing city visualisation in Excel


Photos as Excel spreadsheets

The final Excel exhibit is the ‘Pixel Spreadsheet’ by Think Maths. They demonstrate how a digital photograph is in fact a spreadsheet. The application transforms a photo into amplified pixel form in a spreadsheet. Each cell acts as a pixel and is assigned an RGB value according to the colour composition of the photo.

Trackpal chair pixelated in Excel spreadsheet


Are there any examples of exceptional Excel craftwork that you’re aware of? If so, please share in the comments below!