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The Measurefest 2014 Tool Awards

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Welcome to the 2014 Measurefest Tool awards! A top ten styled award ceremony for the bits of technological kit talked about by the speakers of Measurefest, not these kinds of tools or even these ones, as you may have thought on first glance. Okay then, without further ado…

Best Name: Followerwonk

Recommended by @bethgranter

A free Moz-made app which doesn’t just pack a funny name – it is a Twitter analytics tool that helps you, or your company, connect and interact with the most relevant people in your industry. It provides you with a range of details about your followers or those you follow in a user friendly visualised way.


Best Social Manager: Hootsuite

Recommended by @bethgranter

Many big companies around the globe are advocates of this tool. It gives the user an all-angles point of view by collating all of your social media account streams into one dashboard. One great feature is the ability to schedule tweets and any other social media updates for when you may be otherwise engaged.


Most Plugged: Decibel Insight

Recommended by many, including @decibelphil

As one of the Measurefest sponsors, Decibel Insight was bound to get a few mentions; however, it most definitely wasn’t the only reason that they did. This tool “illuminates website visitor behaviour” by providing an impressive array of features. A couple of cool ones are their advanced heatmaps and visitor session replays.


Best No-brainer: Google Analytics

Recommended by @everyMeasureFestSpeaker

The ubiquitous GA couldn’t help but be mentioned umpteen times during the event. It is the most commonly used website statistics service which provides marketers and analysts with myriad data to slice and segment at their will. It is constantly expanding into new avenues just like the big G itself so make sure you stay updated.


Best Code-friendly: RStudio

Recommended by Ela Osterberger

Ela demonstrated that by combining the Google Analytics API with the programming language R you can create all sorts of applications and visualisations from your data. She also convinced us that this isn’t such a scary task. RStudio is the software that provide this environment to interact with the API of your choice and stretch the boundaries of what they can provide us with. Check out this guided example.


tollbox with tools and icons

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Best Real-time Updater: IFTTT

Recommended by David Taylor @linkmonkey

The acronym stands for If This Then That which sounds like good old simple logic. It works through a trigger, which is the “this” part and an action, being the “that” part. For instance, if I click on a company’s page of price plans (this), a text message is sent to a marketing executive (that). IFTTT is very useful for automating minor tasks and keeping you up to date with what’s being interacted with.


Best for Offline Tracking: Calltracks

Recommended by @annatlewis

As the name suggests, this tool tracks calls and provides analytics as to how customers end up calling you through multiple channels such as mail and brochures as well as online: SEO, PPC, email traffic, and many more. This is achieved by using a Tracking phone number, dynamically changed for specific visitors, to forward to your landline or mobile. A benefit of using Calltracks is that it’s applications spread across offline and online marketing channels. You can even see which pages a caller has visited on your site.


Best Data Viz: qunb

Recommended by @annatlewis

A puzzling one to pronounce, but that’s what happens when the name is a mini visualisation itself. qunb is a data visualisation tool that converts Google Analytics data into a “beautiful and compelling” story for users. At qunb, they believe in simplicity which everyone appreciates when looking through their bar, line or pie charts.


Best Chrome Extension (and Tongue Twister): GA Event Tracking Tracker

Recommended by @annatlewis

This plugin tracks your Google Analytics Event Tracker calls and logs them. It is aimed at web developers to debug Event Tracking calls. Due to its simplicity, even the regular GA user can get their head round this tool and not have to resort to asking a Developer for help.


Best Paid-for: Spredfast

Recommended by @bethgranter

A social tool concentrated on connecting brands with consumers by involving their audience with pertinent, engaging experiences. They do this by implementing social campaigns involving real-time engagement, relevant content and social data harnessing.

Well, a great day at the Measurefest Tool Awards and a huge thank you to those who brought some of these products to our attention. If there are any other tools out there that are worthy of a mention then please do give us your comments below.


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