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Your Monthly Digital Marketing Reporting Solution

Tom Nice Reporting, Trackpal Products & Updates

The time has arrived where all of your digital marketing reporting needs can be taken care of with one mighty and dynamic report. It boasts numerous new insightful features, gives you greater choice in what you want to report on, and of course looks beautiful. The Excel-formatted report is fully automated so you don’t have to worry about data collection and presentation. When reporting time rolls around simply check your inbox for your scheduled reports.

Benefits of our monthly digital marketing report

  • Seamless Free Updates: As this is our new all-encompassing monthly report you’ll receive hassle free updates! No more having to switch to new templates or revisiting older confusing ones. We’re moving towards one big customisable solution.
  • New report items:
    • Content Marketing Summary – Report on key handpicked URLs with historical GA data and Social metrics
      Key Google Analytic’s metrics: Goals conversions, Entrances, Unique visitors (users), Bounce rate and Average time on page
      Key Social url metrics from: Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Pinterest and StumbleUpon
    • Referrals – View the top 10 domains sending traffic to your site. With historical trends to visualise changes over 12 months
    • Site Speed – Google and users love fast sites, now you can keep an eye on your site speed
    • Goal Completions – A chart and breakdown shows performance of individual goals, from organic traffic. Now with ability to monitor all goals or one to four chosen goals
    • Conversion Rates by Traffic Source – Historical trends of channels’ conversion rate performance
    • Historical Competitor Rankings – Visualise competitors performance over the last 12 months
  • More charts and sparklines for better design and visualisation of trends
  • Reporting on web analytics from Google Analytics and Google Webmaster Tools, SEO, Social, Moz data, keyword positions from SERPs and more all in one place
  • Ability to use toggling for dynamic content – customise your scheduled reports to save even more time!
  • Loads of key metrics for in-depth analysis – impress clients with the data they love to see
  • Formatted for simplicity and intuitive style – get insights faster
  • Spend less time gathering all your monthly data and more time analysing it!
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He knows all about Trackpal’s new monthly report.

A closer look at the new features

  • We’re replacing the GA keyword data that is becoming less  relevant. While highly requested newcomers such as conversion breakdown, content marketing, referrals, site speed and more has been added. These tabs, as well as others, contain new data visualisations like Sparklines and mini charts which help show all important trends in your data – while making the reports look even more attractive and enticing!

Table showing URL, sessions data with sparklines and mini bar charts

  • We’ve meticulously polished our formulas and added conditional formatting for all scenarios. Tables of data, including monthly and yearly changes are now shown intuitively and consistently throughout the report. The report looks clean, clear and easy on the eye.
  • Set reports to Include or exclude:
    Google Webmaster Tools
    Landing Page data
    Referral data
    Site Speed performance
    Ranking Term Value
    Content Marketing
  • The ability to set up reporting over up to four goals in the Trackpal tool enables you to monitor performance of multiple conversions. The brand new Goal Completions tab provides a visual breakdown of your organic goal conversions.

Trackpal is more than just a reporting solution. It is the tool that enriches the reporting experience, and we are continually finding new ways to save our customers time and money. There are even more benefits to what this report and Trackpal provides, such as: ability to white-label reports, removing human error from reporting, and having a team of data and reporting experts just an email away for support.

If you require a comprehensive solution to your monthly reporting then get in touch about our Monthly Digital Marketing Reports.