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Have You Become a Data Collecting Monkey?

Lucy Stewart

By Lucy Stewart
January 17, 2014   

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Don’t become a data collecting monkey…

Digital marketing, is by its very nature, a fast paced and exciting industry – one that’s constantly changing and developing with new technology. So why is it that so many people have fallen into the laborious routine of data collection on a monthly, weekly, or even daily basis?

Are you one of those people who sets aside a block of time in your calendar for that monotonous but necessary chore of collecting the data that’s built up over the course of your campaign? Instead of feeling that excitement you once felt about discovering the metrics you worked so hard for, you switch your brain off and copy and paste all day to get the job done.

With so many data sources we have a wealth of information, but wasn’t this technology meant to make us work less rather than more?

What’s most important is to make sure that your analytical brain is switched ON and you’re really investing in your data.

Investing in your Analytics

In an interesting post on How to Calculate Your Return On Analytics Investment, Avinash Kaushik and Jesse Nichols discuss how much of an impact analytics has on the whole marketing team. They suggest that good analytics is worth at least 10x what you invest into it.

Fortunately, companies are realising this, now more than ever, and are investing properly into data and analytics.

The money mainly goes towards two types of work;

1)      The Robotic Monkey Collector

2)      The Analytical Master

The data collecting monkeys have an important, but low-skilled job to do. They spend the majority of their time gathering data, copying and pasting and inputting said data into reports.

Analytical Masters, on the other hand, analyse the data and output actionable insights. This is the point when the reports are ready and waiting to have their comment boxes filled with useful suggestions, in plain English.

Examples include

“Overall organic traffic increased by 35% in the month of July compared to June. Comparing this to our ‘year on year’ benchmark we are performing 65% better than the July 2012.” 


“Top search terms included “keyword 5″ and “keyword 6″. It would be worthwhile to implement landing pages surrounding these keywords.”


“We have seen an increase in mobile visits this month with an increase in goal conversions. I would suggest we continue to optimise for mobile.”

Both types of work are necessary, but one is clearly more cost-effective than the other.

Of course, what often happens is that both types of work are carried out by the same ‘Digital Analyst’. But after all that repetitive data collecting it’s not surprising that the cogs in the brain start to move a little slower.

How not to be a monkey

So how do you escape the trap of becoming a robotic monkey collector and spend most of your time stunning your boss with your analytical magic?

We’ve actually got a very simple answer: spend less time collecting data and more time analysing it. It’s a conscious decision that you’ll have to make to steer away from the repetitive tasks, towards the more fruitful ones. And what better time to change your working style, than in the New Year?

However, if you’d like to remove the monkey collecting aspect altogether, there is a way.
(Was that a sigh of relief I hear?)

We believe humans are meant to be creative, and machines are built to be helpful, which is why we’ve developed Trackpal to collect all of your data for you. Trackpal works by automatically gathering all of your data and inputting it into a beautifully designed report template. What takes you hours to do is done in mere minutes by Trackpal.

We honestly believe our product will help you become a better analyst and make your company more profitable. (Let us be your robotic monkey!)

Take a look at our video to understand a little more about what Trackpal does.


Lucy Stewart
Author: Lucy Stewart