SEO for Social and Facebook – our webinar takeaways

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The SEOmoz team highlighted some great tips for Social SEO in their latest webinar, hosted by Nathan Latka and Rand Fishkin.

If you missed the webinar, here’s our top takeaways from this weeks show.

Even Rand learnt something new when it came to Facebook SEO! Can you spot which takeaway this was?

SEO for Facebook

  1. Status updates get indexed by search engines – the title is truncated to the first 18 characters, but the whole update is indexed.
  2. Edit your status updates to add Keywords to your Title & Description.
    Yes they can be edited! The amount of people who don’t know this is always surprising.
    edit keywords into facebook status
  3. Remember: Try to add keywords in the first 18 characters of your title.
  4. Optimise your About copy – Make sure your Keywords are in the About Section, and again within your company overview etc.

    Facebook About Area for Keywords
  5. Harness Social Search – Social search works pretty well over Facebook, enabling you to search through everyone’s public posts.
    Utilising Facebook Social Search
  6. Finally, don’t forget to set your vanity URL.
    Once set, Facebook also allow for one change to the vanity URL.

If you haven’t guessed which takeaway most of us (including Rand) didn’t know about, it was number two: Editing your Facebook status links’ Title & Description areas.

Extra Takeaways from Rand’s Distilled’s Searchlove 2012 Presentation

Rand stepped up next, running through his recent Searchlove 2012 presentation which outlines benefits to gaining traffic and loyalty the True Love way (as opposed to the pricey paid way). It’s not all about cost, it turns out there are extra benefits to having non-paid fans as well.

  1. True Love: It lasts. It can’t be bought.
    Customers through inbound streams (blog posts, social interaction) tend to become the most loyal and engaging fans.
  2. Does money buy the right things?
    Why do we spend so much on paid advertising, when only 18% of clicks on Google go to paid ads.
    web traffic by source
  3. The Harley Davidson example of True Love Fans
    It is said that True Love fans would rather their love broken, than moving over to competitor X…
    This was seen when Harley Davidson was bought by AMF (yes the bowling alley) in 1969. Over 12 years, AMF’s approach cheapened the motorbikes, and lessened their quality. Still, Harley fans stayed true to their love and remained loyal until in 1981 Harley was bought by new investors.
  4. Videos vs Blog Posts – Blog posts get viewed far more, but videos provide more lifelong engaged visitors (return visits). The raw data does not always show the full picture.
  5. The first interaction is often the last – unless there is engagement back!

Many thanks to @NathanLatka and @randfish for the mozinar, be sure to catch their upcoming ones.

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