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Your Monthly Digital Marketing Reporting Solution

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The time has arrived where all of your digital marketing reporting needs can be taken care of with one mighty and dynamic report. It boasts numerous new insightful features, gives you greater choice in what you want to report on, and of course looks beautiful. The Excel-formatted report is fully automated so you don’t have to worry about data collection …

Technical Improvement: Report Doctor

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Report Doctor automatically checks your reports for accuracy This month, we’ve made a small but significant improvement to the way we check the accuracy of the data in your custom Trackpal reports. Our new Report Doctor ensures that your report remains robust and accurate whenever you make modifications to it, or whenever we release software updates. Any issues are automatically spotted and fixed …

New feature: Anytime Insight

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Introducing ‘Anytime Insight’ – one-off reports, whenever you need them We originally set up Trackpal as a service for ongoing reporting, and that remains our main focus. But did you know that you can now also use Trackpal to quickly pull together one-off reports? We’ve called this feature Anytime Insight. It’s perfect for new business pitches or as a way of …