Google Search Console (or the tool formerly known as GWT)

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Finally, after many promises and hints, Google have released an update to their Google Search Console API to give access to the Search Analytics feature they introduced earlier this year. The question on many people’s minds is what does this mean? So how did we get to where we are? Google Webmaster Tools (GWT) was a tool to help webmasters ensure their websites …

Report tabs under spotlights

Your Monthly Digital Marketing Reporting Solution

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The time has arrived where all of your digital marketing reporting needs can be taken care of with one mighty and dynamic report. It boasts numerous new insightful features, gives you greater choice in what you want to report on, and of course looks beautiful. The Excel-formatted report is fully automated so you don’t have to worry about data collection …

Why historical data deserves your attention in a real-time world

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Looking back to move on: why historical data deserves your attention in a real-time world Any historian, or politician for that matter, will tell you that we can learn much from past events and information. By contrast, in digital marketing we tend to lean our necks forward – all the better to see the next big thing emerging ahead of …