Visualising Data #2 – Three Unique Visualisations

Chris Marsh Industry News

Welcome to round two of visualising data. In round one we looked at how creativity improves a visualisation.

In this installment, I’ve picked three visualisations that show good stories and also have something a little unique about them.

Adding facts and context

For me, what makes this unique is the context provided with the data – in this instance, demonstrating just how loud their grunts are. Who knew tennis players’ grunts were almost as loud as a lion’s roar?

Context is a great way to help paint a full story when showing data, and this chart does this really well.



Charts and gifs

Animating a graph is no easy feat, and it adds risk of unnecessary distraction.

However, this chart has nailed it. Through animation it’s able to deliver multiple stories such as country rank and trend over time. Very cool.


Data visualisation to show patent applications filed by countries


Artistic flair

This visualisation has fantastic design. A nice colour scheme, and even a font that pairs with the chart. Reddit user e8odie re-designed the original chart to create this artistic representation. They’ve managed to make the graph actually look like beards of different colours!

The difference between this and the original chart is massive.

This stacked chart also shows better relationships between the facial hair trends each year.

Artistic chart to show men's facial hair over time

source: reddit user e8odie

In summary

Using facts and context, animation and great design are all ways to entice your audience and help them understand the stories that your charts should show.

Do you have any favourite data visualisations? Please share them in the comments!