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Visualising Data #1 – The Infographic

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Anyone who’s sat a statistics course at secondary school or university knows that data has the potential to be visually uninspiring. With a little bit of imaginative design we can do away with that stereotype and make data exciting to investigate and communicate.

This is the first in a series of articles that will delve into innovative ways we can visualise data – and what better place to start than the magical world of facial hair (and politics).

Okay so perhaps this data is inherently funny as it is, but by combining a number of attractive factors this simple image makes you forget you’re essentially looking at a bunch of numbers. Let’s face it, this beats a table any day!


If we break it down this infographic a little, at a glance you already have most of the information you need thanks to smart scaling in the key; a large straight-talking title, large colourful icons, a smaller one word description and lastly, in the smallest font, the numbers themselves. The faces completely make this map, adding a little personality to your data presentation goes a long way with the viewer.

So where is this approach useful? Stylistically this should communicate one powerful metric with few values. The key take away here however, is the potential for personality. Evidently this is not an automatic job and requires a bit of extra creative input, but the pay-off for putting some extra time and effort into your data visualisation can certainly pay dividends.

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